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Why Aulora Kodenshi Pants Is Good For Us?

Improve the Blood Circulation and increase the Calories Burned during movement.

Made with materials that will not cause skin allergies and will make the body feel Comfortable and Warm

Kodenshi pants can help to adjust the pelvis back to it’s original position and Improve the body Posture

100% Made in Japan with state of the art technology which is Value for Money compare to other products

Why People Choose Us 
Aulora Kodenshi Slimming Pants
aulora kodenshi pants
  • Far Infrared Ray (FIR) - Significant benefits for the circulatory system
  • Unique Weaving and Stitching Methods - Lift, lock and secure body fats to create a sculpted body curve
  • Strong Pressure for Pelvis Correction - Belly flattening effect by wearing
  • Awesome Fabric - Thin, breathable and smooth, wear whole day without discomfort
  • Airy - Soft and comfortable, sweat evaporates quickly
  • Fashionable - Easy to match with working and casual outfit, and can be worn during exercise to minimise muscle pain after exercise

Best Slimming Pants For Health 
Your Health Our Concern

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Aulora Kodenshi Pants main motto is to Improve the Health of every individual without the use of external forces such as surgeries or medication and able to also achieve Weight Loss without eating weight loss pills or control your diet.

Through use of this pants, we are determine that you will no longer need to endure eating medication for the rest of your life or better still no longer suffer from internal injuries gotten when you are young and IMPROVE LIFE QUALITY

It is our mission that this pants will help the lives of each person to get their health back to perfect condition.

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